Sunday, July 25, 2010

50 in 50 #7

I lost 3 pounds-what a week! I really tried to keep an eye on my food choices, but I think I would have been cooked without all the physical aspects of convention-lots of walking, hugging and smiling (and a dance with feathers thrown in for good measure). I'm not sure how many calories are burned by hugging and smiling, but I'm know they helped with the weight loss. Now I have to transition to post convention living. No room for relaxing my vigilance!

Convention was so much fun. I really love seeing old friends and making new ones. I'm proud to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator and part of such an energetic sorority of sisters. My team did a great job and I'm so happy for them to feel their work paid off. The classes, presentations, Make & Takes and Paper, Pad & Marker were off the hook (that's good-I always have to tell Jill that).

My sisters and Tamsin, Katie and Emma came to see me and Jill do our presentation. I didn't get to talk with them too long, but it was great to have them there. I love my family. I guess next time I'll have to talk about Alan (my brother), so he doesn't feel left out!

Well, I'm fading fast so I'm going to wrap it up now. Today (Sunday) I kind of grazed all day. I didn't record my points until tonight and discovered I've eaten my weekly extra points already! I'm glad I know and can face the truth. I know I can still have a successful week. Tomorrow I'm going to make an appointment with a counselor about eating addictions.

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  1. Bonnie you are brilliant - I love your honesty and your search for the calories consumed by hugging and smiling ... if only ... but one thing is for sure hugging and smiling counts for so much more than points .... wishing you well for a great week .....