Saturday, July 17, 2010

50 Pounds in 50 Blogs #5: 5 Pound Milestone

Sunday sure rolled around fast! I went in the WW points hole by 4.5 points , but the week was a victory overall. I lost 3.5 pounds! I've reached my first 5 pound milestone. Nine more milestones to go before February. I am pumped to see some results.

Deep, Dark Confession: Crazy as it may seem, deep down I kind of believe I can't lose weight-you know, like I have some disease or something. Trust me, my thyroid's been tested so often it could teach classes on overcoming test anxiety! There's nothing physically stopping me from losing weight-other than the calorie to exercise ratio that is so out of whack in my life. Curves three times a week is a start. I'm so grateful to Cathi for being such an amazing workout buddy. Knowing she's planning to see me on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday gets me up and going.

Emotionally, I feel good. Even great. Being in control of one thing helps me be in control of others. Know what I mean? I'm worried my I-can-do-anything mood is based on pre-convention adrenalin and might be easily blown away by stress. I'm also worried that post-convention fatigue and let down (like after Christmas--What, it's over already?) combined with the fourth week mark on my weight loss sojourn could be challenging.

I am going into this Stampin' Up! convention week armed for battle. I really believe and fervently hope I will keep my eye on the prize, not on the goodies. If you're the praying sort, send one up for me! Thanks for your comments-I don't really know what the protocol is for acknowledging the comments, but I really, really appreciate your love and cheerleaderliness (hee hee, the spell-checker went crazy on that word!).


  1. yea Bonnie, yea Bonnie, gooooooo BONNIE! How's that for a cheer!

  2. You are indeed an inspiration dear friend! Good for you! Your cheerful personality is the weight of a mountain and that is a GOOD weight x
    A friend of mine owns a 'Curves' and I barely recognize her anymore. The best of luck and blessings to you, dear Bonnie!!!
    And in the words of another dear friend, Dawn O - yea Bonnie, yea Bonnie, gooooooo BONNIE!

  3. Hi Bonnie...we met and had dinner in Lafayette. I just found your blog and wanted you to know that it is just the inspiration I needed to get my weight loss goals on track. Your idea of only checking the scale once a week is really what I need to do as well....checking every morning to see the same pound or two come and go makes me a crazy woman! I'll check on you often and let your success give me inspiration to work harder too. Have a wonderful convention...I won't be there this year but two of my team gals will be ...Nickole and Ann.
    Dale Abraham (ByYOU Stampers)

  4. I have been following your blog and I think you are brave to be so honest and I also think it is healthy and empowering to be so open. It's good for others to see people doing what you are doing on this blog and will enable them to recognize weaknesses In themselves that they not have otherwise been able to do. It's a long road coming to terms with your relationship with food but a worthy journey!
    I am impressed and wish I could or would have been so vocal!

  5. Hey Bonnie - sending you lots and lots of positive empowering thoughts from Australia .... I was once told - nothing tastes as good as feeling thin feels .... it worked for me for a bit LOL hang in there sweetheart - you are a beautiful person who brings so much joy to so many people people. Love to you from Nikki xxx the one that followed you into the loo Nxxx

  6. I totally feel like I have the same disease- it's impossible for me to lose weight. I didn't have a scale last Sunday for my first 'weigh in'- I'm hoping for some good numbers this sunday. Great job on your first 5- the first time I joined weight watchers I NEVER got that first 5.

  7. Way to go Bonnie! I hope that all goes well at the convention...the goodies will not win:) We are so excited to see you in a couple weeks!