Sunday, November 14, 2010


Here's my Sunday report: 50 out of a possible 70 points (see left for info). So, I did fairly well. I really tried to self praise. I fell short a couple of times and I didn't always record my food. Still, I'm feeling happy with my progress. At this point in my past dieting attempts, I would just give up and enjoy the holidays with a resolve to get back to it with the new year. Right now I feel relaxed and hopeful about being able to make this a permanent change and I'm willing to take the time to really dig in and do this right.

I met with Kaleo last Friday morning. It was a very good session. I told her I've been thinking a lot about my relationship with food. Good relationships are built on communication, trust, and honesty. A good relationship is rewarding and challenging. Well, I'm not honest with food, I don't trust myself, and I haven't been listening to what's really going on with me. Seems like it's my relationship with myself I need to work on! Food can't give me what I can't give myself. Profound, huh?

Kaleo also talked with me about how powerful our subconscious is. In one study, people agreed to have their faces professionally made up to look as if they were disfigured. These people were then asked to go out in public and report how others treated them. They reported having others avoid eye contact, treat them as inferiors, and even look at them with disgust. At the end of the reporting time, they were allowed to see themselves in the mirror. Nothing had been done. They had no disfigurement. How they saw other's treating them was entirely on a subconscious level! Amazing.

I'm looking forward to the week ahead of me. Every day is a new day to practice what I've learned.

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