Saturday, November 20, 2010


Yes, I worked out Friday and Saturday. Yes, I'm very glad that I did and yes, I certainly praised myself!

Speaking of which, it was a good week of praise and awareness. I got 55 out of 70 points. It would have been higher, but I had three days without recording my food (my home computer gets a bit excited when I use Weight Watchers online--it freezes on me). Even with that, I am back at winning at the losing game. 1.5 lbs! Super excited. I'm really trying to find sincere things to praise myself for. I'm in a praise rut, isn't that funny?

I put up my Christmas decorations yesterday. I hate to leap frog Thanksgiving since it's one of my favorite holidays all year, but this weekend is a busy one and I have friends coming over on the 1st of December so I need my festiveness to be in place. I'm so silly-can't wait to put up the Christmas decorations, then can't wait to put them away. I usually take everything down no later than December 27. Growing up we un-decorated on New Year's Day. Hmm. Random train of thought. Anyway, I like to save putting my ornaments on the tree for the very last thing. I got up early this morning to a winter wonderland. I listened to Christmas music, decorated the tree, then had some eggnog. It was a fun way to start the day!

Good thing I got things done this morning-I had no power from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Luckily I was at church or in some church meetings most of that time.

As the youngest of five children, Thanksgiving was always a mixed blessing. I remember once or twice going to Heber to my aunt's house for the big meal, but we mostly celebrated at home. Mom was a stickler for tradition, so we ate on the good china and had tons of dishes to wash! When my brother and sisters got married and began their families it was too quiet on the years they went to their in-laws, but when they all came home it was a circus of crying babies, tired toddlers, and frustrated parents. Still, even thinking of that chaos makes me nostalgic. I love my family.

I will have a 70 point week this week. I will pre-plan my Thursday food and go to Curves on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


  1. awesome news! Sounds like a great week coming up too.....good for you!

  2. I never made my parents frustrated. I am such an angel, right? haha. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving! I am working, woohoo! and then we are celebrating with our little family. Love you!