Thursday, November 18, 2010


What a great week! I have the best job in the world-it gives me the chance to work with great people for great people. I wish everyone could be this happy.

Pretty decent awareness and praise so far this week. Can't wait to weigh on Sunday-I know I've lost at least a pound. Super yay!

I commit to two days of Curves prior to my Sunday post. Look at me...all committed and stuff.

So, here's a random thought. My father died during open heart surgery when I was just barely 20. As we mourned his death, my mother became obsessed with one question. Did she tell him she loved him before his surgery? She was upset that she may have missed this final opportunity. We reassured her that she had, indeed, held his hand and told him she loved him. As I reflect on this after all these years, I'm struck by something. How fabulous is it that my mother and father verbally expressed their love to each other so often that this one final time didn't stand out as anything significant to my mother. How blessed that it was routine, not a once-a-year-on-our-anniversary occurrence.

I want to be that way about self praise. Instead of having to document when I say something nice to myself, I want it to be routine. Not a once-a-day-whether-I-deserve-it-or-not occurrence.


  1. Bonnie, Bonnie- We love you! It was so good seeing while down in AZ! I truly wish we could do that more often!!
    I was reading in the latest Conference edition- a talk by Pres. Uchtdorf 'Of things that matter most'. One part stuck out to me and I thought of you- it's about the 'fourth key relationship'. You might have already read this. I just felt this huge love that Heavenly Father has for you. He wants you to succeed in what you're doing. You are precious and he will help you in your goals. They are worthwhile!! Don't give up- I love you!!!!

  2. That was such a sweet story to read about grandma and grandpa. You are an awesome person!