Thursday, November 25, 2010

#40: Thanksgiving-Feasting on Joy

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am in Logan at my sister Annette's house. My sister Loene has just arrived with her husband and her son Jerry and his family. The meal is almost ready, I can smell sugary yams above all else right now, but an hour ago the turkey scent was beckoning me. I have planned my meal carefully-I will be consuming 24 of my day's 30 points at this meal. That includes 4 oz of turkey and 1/2 cup each of stuffing, green beans, potatoes, gravy, yams, one roll, and 1/2 piece of pumpkin pie (which I don't love, so that's plenty). Can't wait!

I am thankful for so many things today. I have a loving family, great faith in my Heavenly Father, a great job, loyal friends, and a bright future. I feel so blessed. As I continue to listen to my emotions and examine my relationship with food, I feel hopeful that I will emerge a more confident woman; one who is authentic to what's best in her while embracing and seeking out areas to improve.

Just got the call to eat, so I'm out. Have a great day and take some time to thank those who touch your life daily. Speaking of which, thank you. Thank you for expecting the best from my, for honoring my attempts at honesty, for applauding my success and for encouraging me to keep on going. As my friend Alisa said last week, "Settle in for the ride, because it's a long one!"

All my love and sincere gratitude,

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie. You are doing GREAT. Thank YOU for touching so many people's lives, in such a positive and loving way. I want you to move to Australia, please!!