Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

I'm going to weigh myself after these first four days, so no weight to post today.

Yesterday was easier than I thought. I felt motivated and able to choose health instead of eat my stress. And my stress is high right now (at work). It's good stress--I'm busy with exciting projects as well as getting ready for the South Pacific convention in Brisbane (Australia) in May. I also have some physical stress--I tumbled down my outside stairs last week, causing some neck, shoulder and knee pain. The neck and shoulder have settled down to an occasional Aleve, but my darn knee (the non-replaced one) is not happy with me right now.  

Wins from yesterday:
1) I ate my 100 calorie meals every 2-3 hours.
2) I tracked my food.
3) I listened to 4 podcasts from Take Shape For Life.
4) I was nice to myself.

So, I didn't get to bed by 9:00, but I was in bed before 10:00. I also ate some peanuts before bed.
That's okay. My biggest hurdle yesterday was my Lean & Green evening meal. It should be 5-7 oz of protein with 2 cups of greens and a small amount of fat. I had a chef's salad at Dee's. Probably not enough lean protein and too much fat, but I took my friend Ruthie out and that seemed to be the best choice. Dee's just doesn't strike me as the type of place to request a chicken breast and broccoli. :)

Today I plan to keep it up. If I drink 94 oz of water before noon, that seems to really help. I struggle with the dreaded 3:00 snack attack, but I can time my meal then. My L&G will be totally in my control tonight.

Thanks for your comments, texts, and phone calls! Accountability makes a difference. I read in a Gretchen Rubin (happinessproject.typepad.com) article in Good Housekeeping (Jan 2013) that one of her Secrets of Adulthood is "I manage what I measure." I love that!

Update: It's 1:26 p.m. and I'm going 'grazey.' I want the Lindt chocolate on Mike Sloan's desk. Or the bag of chips on Cori's. I've had a mint and some gum. I'm now going to drink water and make some beef bouillon. Hope that helps! Oh, and I updated Gretchen Rubin's information (above). The end.


  1. keep up the good work.....hugs from NH

  2. Wow your going to Australia, that's cool.....i know the battle your in is hard, as I'm trying too and well, it's a big struggle, I think of you often and pray that you will be a success. Hugs again from NH