Monday, April 15, 2013

277: The Journey Begins (again)

Rock bottom? Check.

Wake up call? Check.

It's been creeping up (the weight, that is). It's been easy to rationalize - stress, busy-ness, hormones, water retention, travel, and so on and so on.

The fact is I'm eating too much.

I'm not tracking my food. I'm not blogging, which is my place of honesty.

And so I begin again. No matter what else I'm doing, my weight loss efforts are my #1 priority. I love my family, I love my friends, I love my job, and I love my life. I must be healthy in order to enjoy any of those things. 

I've decided Medifast is still the right plan for me. Here's my four day strategy:

1) I will eat 100 calories every 2-3 hours.
2) I will blog every day.
3) I will track my food on
4) I will study from my bibliotherapy books for 30 minutes every day.
5) I will say nice things to myself.
6) I will go to bed early (9:00).

My Why: When I'm in control of my eating I feel confident, loving, and strong. I love the message I send myself when I choose life over the numbness of addiction.

You have no idea how powerful your support is to me!

How are you doing? What's working for you?


  1. My Sweet Friend, I'm glad you are focusing on you again. It's so true that things get so busy that we forget the most important person, ourselves. we have to make ourselves a priority. I know it's so hard to do. Something I'm learning to do is each day, start with saying three nice things about me.....and it can be the same three for a while. That is to help me get rid of the negativity. Anyway, I will be thinking of you and I know your struggle.....Love and hugs from NH.


  2. Writing things down will help you be more successful. We are cheering you on, even if we are hundreds of miles away. We love our Bonnie and want you around for many, many years. Whenever you think about high caloric foods, picture something yucky. I read something the other day and it made me think. Something about : Whatever we eat is either feeding vitality and health or feeding illness and death. Hang in there!!

  3. Luv ya, Bonnie - you can do it!!

  4. I think you are so courageous and bright and wonderful. You are also very strong and spirited and I know you will get past this. I just know you will. And I'm right alongside you, working to do the same. Love you friend!